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DC Huskers Alumni Association
Charter Date 1920
Welcome to Husker Nation in the District.

Thanks for visiting our website – we hope it becomes your primary source of Husker activities in the nation's capital. Whether you live in the DMV area, or are just visiting D.C., we encourage you to reach out to fellow alumni and friends of Nebraska, join us at our Watch Site, or let us know how we can continue to grow the Husker community! Our goals - To serve the alumni community living in and around the nation's Capital; to encourage the alumni's continued support of the tradition, mission, and progress of the University of Nebraska; and to promote social, cultural, and intellectual opportunities for alumni and friends.

DC Huskers Scholarship Fund
The DC Huskers Scholarship Fund supports a DC area student's costs to attend UNL. The DC area Husker community raises money through raffles during Game Watches, and from direct contributions. We welcome and appreciate all contributions to the fund. All donations are tax deductible.

  • Alumni Community
  • Support of Tradition
  • Opportunities for Alumni and Friends
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Our Board Members

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Mike Madsen

President – Executive Board
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Rachel Hustedt

Vice-President/Secretary – Executive Board
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TIm Deaver

Treasurer – Executive Board
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Shawn Peirce

Events Coordinator – Executive Board

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